Product Details

ADFORM 40 is used as a disinfectant in poultry houses and hatcheries. It destroys a wide range of bacteria and viruses. ADFORM 40 contains formaldehyde available as a 40% aqueous solution called formalin.


  • ADFORM 40 used for fumigation and spraying to sanitize & disinfection of poultry houses and hatcheries.
  • It used to sanitize vehicles and equipments in poultry & fisheries.
  • It is suitable for a number of different applications.
  • ADFORM 40 is used for boot dip to sanitize boot.
  • ADFORM 40 is more concentrated than any other formaldehyde solution in the market and provides a cost effective disinfectant and steriliser for use in farm.


Keep container tightly closed.

Do not store or use near heat or naked flame.

In case of spillage dilute with plenty of water.

Pack size :- 1 ltr . 5 ltr