Product Details

World’s first natural product containing calcitriol

The two primary concerns relating to skeletal disorders in poultry are osteoporosis in egg-laying hens and leg problems caused by rapid bone growth and increased daily gains in broilers. For this purpose they need stronger bones and better calcium depot. This cannot be achieved by simply feeding birds at higher levels calcium and phosphorus. We have to ensure absorption and mobilization of these mineral by providing the birds by supplementing advanced quality vitamin D3.


  • Softening of bones, beaks & claws
  • Bent or malformation of beak
  • Weak prior to laying an egg
  • Thin shelled & small size eggs
  • Calcium pimples on egg shells
  • Bending of legs


  • D-Synt is 10 times more bioactive than the conventional sources of vitamin D3.
  • Birds fed on D-Synt in feed supplement have lead over rest of the flock & develop stronger bones and better nutrition from day one.
  • Plays an important role in chickens under 14 days of age because the enzyme required to convert cholecalciferol to its active form of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 is not fully active.
  • Optimising the skeletal system by strengthening bones, beaks and claws.
  • Improves egg shell quality and reduces egg breakages.

Dosage & Administration

Layers & Breeders 125 – 150 g/MT of feed

Broilers 100 – 125 g/MT of feed

Or as recommended by veterinarian


Store in cool, dry place away from extremes of temperature


1 kg x 10 units