Product Details

  • For prevention & control of ectoparasites like ticks, lice & flies in pet animals like cattle, sheep, goats, dogs & camels
  • Spread all over the surface of the animal body to control mange, mites & ticks
  • Penetrates under scab to give effective control of mange conditions without the need of scrubbing
  • Control all parasitic stages of mange, mites, ticks & lice
  • Provides extended residual protection, allowing longer intervals between treatments
  • Recommended for use on animals of all ages

Direction for use


Wash the coat thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. Spray Deltox directly on the body coat especially areas avoiding eyes & ears. After 30 min rinse the coat thoroughly with clean water. Treatment may be repeated after a week or as directed by veterinarian.



Treatment by


Add water

Dogs, Sheep

Ticks, lice, flies, mites

Spray or wash

3-4 ml

5 liters


Ticks, lice, flies, mites

Spray or wash

10 ml

5 liters

Poultry: Spray mixture per 1000 birds. (in 60 liters water add 1ml Deltox)

Animal Housing: Spray/wash emulsion per 100 M3  surface



Atropine sulphate
Symptomatic treatment, as per instruction of veterinarian


Available in 15 ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml to 1 ltr