N- DONA a unique formulation for household pest control

Product Details

  • Long Residual Action
  • Odourless and Non-Staining
  • Unique formulation for mosquitoes bed net and curtain treatments
  • Broad spectrum of activities, Controls all Household insects like Mosquito, Flies, Cockroaches, Ants, Wasps, Bedbugs, Spiders and Mites


It can use in residential establishment, industrial township, hotel, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, food industries.

Mode of Application

Target pest



Cockroach, Bedbugs, Ant, Mosquitoes, Flies, Spiders and all other common household insects

15 ml. N-DONA in 1 ltr. Water

30 ml N-DONA in 1 ltr. Water

Spray uniformly indoor surfaces of walls, floor and cracks and crevices repeat spray after 30-45 days Repeat after 60 days.

Mosquito bed net both cotton and synthetic

15 ml. / cotton net- single

25 ml / cotton net- double

10ml / synthetic net- single

15 ml / synthetic net- single

Mix in 500 ml water for single synthetic net and 750 ml water in double synthetic net.

Mix N-DONA in 2 ltr. Water for single cotton net and 3 ltr. Water for double cotton net dry mosquito net in shade.

For localized applications in kitchen, use small brush, dip in N-DONA. Use in dry cracks and crevices.


In case of severe poisoning with neurological symptoms and convulsions administer diazepam.