Product Details

NOFLEE 2% BAIT is very highly effective insecticide for the control of wide variety of household pests. It is used specially for the control of cockroaches & flies.


It can use in residential establishment, industrial township, hotel, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, food industries.

Mode of Application

Sprinkle NOFLEE 2% Bait whenever flies congregate. Particular care should be taken to apply the bait around poultry farm, garbage heaps, market and slaughter area, around pools and similar fly infested areas. For cockroach control sprinkle bait in place where cockroaches congregate, rest or hide such as dark corners, base of walls in basements, under sinks, around drain pipes, upon shelves etc. NOFLEE 2% Bait can be used in industrial establishments, eating establishments, vegetable and meat market and similar indoor location for effective control cockroaches and flies. Avoid direct contact with food stuffs.


  • Broad spectrum activity
  • Very strong flushing action
  • Strong knockdown activity
  • Long residual activity
  • Very safe to human and non target animals.


Store in cool & dry place, keep away from food, avoid contact with eye and skin, wash contaminated parts with soap and plenty of water & wear protective clothing.


Atropine sulphate administer intravenously or intramuscularly if intravenous injection is not possible. Recommended dosage for adults and children above 12 years is 0.4-2.0 mg repeated every 15 minutes until full atropinisation is achieved. For children below 12 years 0.05mg / kg of body weight