A Powerful rodenticide

A Powerful Rodenticide

Rodents are mammals and are often more intelligent than humans. They have very good sense of smell & touch. Rodents have incisors growing continuously throughout their life time. Hence, to keep them under check, they have the habit of gnawing doors, window cables, boxes, steel frames hard surface etc. Rodents destroy more than what they feed. Rodents are known the cause of diseases like plage, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, rat bite fever, Rabies etc.

Nordent is a second generation anticoagulant. Nordent acts by inhibiting blood clotting through vitamin k antagonism, hence causing fatal bleeding

Target pest



Cockroach, Bedbugs, Ant, Mosquitoes, Flies, Spiders and all other common household insects

15 ml. N-DONA in 1 ltr. Water

30 ml N-DONA in 1 ltr. Water

Spray uniformly indoor surfaces of walls, floor and cracks and crevices repeat spray after 30-45 days Repeat after 60 days.

Mosquito bed net both cotton and synthetic

15 ml. / cotton net- single

25 ml / cotton net- double

10ml / synthetic net- single

15 ml / synthetic net- single

Mix in 500 ml water for single synthetic net and 750 ml water in double synthetic net.

Mix N-DONA in 2 ltr. Water for single cotton net and 3 ltr. Water for double cotton net dry mosquito net in shade.


Mode of Application

Nordent can be placed in the following areas after the inspection

Pack size  

Nordent cake 100gm cake x 200
Nordent concentrate 500gm tin x 20