A Powerful Rrodenticide

Rodents are mammals and are often more intelligent than humans. They have very good sense of smell & touch. Rodents have incisors growing continuously throughout their life time. Hence, to keep them under check, they have the habit of gnawing doors, window cables, boxes, steel frames hard surface etc. Rodents destroy more than what they feed. Rodents are known the cause of diseases like plage, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, rat bite fever, Rabies etc.

Nordent is a second generation anticoagulant. Nordent acts by inhibiting blood clotting through vitamin k antagonism, hence causing fatal bleeding

Mode of Application

Nordent can be placed in the following areas after the inspection

  • Areas where the rats travel frequently.
  • Places where you find the fecal deposits of rats.
  • Places where you find the foot marks or urine contamination.
  • Always in corners and not in the centre of the room.
  • The bait consumption has to be checked after the placement and if it is not consumed you may have to change the bait station or re- inspect for newer places.

Pack size  

  • Nordent cake 100gm cake x 200
  • Nordent concentrate 500gm tin x 20