A IGR molecule which acts on the larval stage of the Insects

Nzuron 25 WP does not kill the existing target population instantly. Due to its mode of action the larvicidal effect may be somewhat delayed and will only become fully apparent from the next moult following application.
Nzuron 25 WP mainly acts as a stomach poison, disturbing the moulting process of larvae at all stages. When last instar larvae ingest Nzuron 25 WP, disturbance in the pupal or adult cuticle may occur. This deviation from the normal moulting process ultimately leads to the death of the insect. Adult insects having finished moulting and pupation are not susceptible to Nzuron 25 WP.
Nzuron 25 WP effective against the larval stage of number of files spaces including Musca domestica (housefly), Musca autumnails (face fly), Stomoxys calcitrans (stable fly) and Haematobia irritans (horn fly)

Recommended Usage

Nzuron 25WP diluted with water at the rate of 10 gm in 1-5 ltr of water and sprayed for 10sq metre area. Depending on the manure dry or wet condition the water ratio can be adjusted, do not change the 10 g in 10 sq metre ratios.
The dosage of Nzuron 25 WP as formulation could be used as below for mosquito larvae control in the breeding areas.

Clean surface water           : 100-200 g/ ha
Polluted surface water      : 200-400 g/ ha
Closed systems                    : 1mg a.i. /lit

(Sewage pits, soak pits, septic tank wells, reservoirs etc.)