Product Details

Tylosin Phosphate is a macrolide antibiotic it has a broad spectrum of activity against gram positive organisms and some gram negative organisms. Tylosin Phosphate has been shown to reduce the percentage of the general mucolytic bacteria and the concentration of C. perfringes resulting in a decrease in necrotic enteritis lesions. The compound also has been shown to have antibacterial activity towards sensitive Mycoplasma attributed to sinus infections and respiratory disease in turkeys and chickens respectively.


Tylosin is a broad spectrum macrolide antibiotic, Like other macrolides, Tylosin has a bacteriostatic effect on susceptible organisms, caused by inhibition of protein synthesis through binding to the 50S subunit of the bacterial ribosome.


  • Syntylo acts as growth promoter and improves feed efficiency.
  • Syntylo prevents stress on birds.
  • Improvement in weight gain, general health and egg production.
  • Prevents early chick mortality.
  • Syntylo proves an anticoccidial activity.
  • Prevention and control of chronic and complicated respiratory, enteric, reproductive and other diseases.


Broilers         :     200 gm per ton of feed

Layers           :    500 gm per ton of feed

Breeders       :    500 gm per ton of feed


Store in cool, dry place away from extremes of temperature


25 kg bag